3 Tips Getting the Best Price from Your Master Bathroom or other bathroom Remodeling Contractor

3 Tips Getting the Best Price from Your Master Bathroom or other bathroom Remodeling Contractor


Whenever homeowners undertake a large project, like a master bathroom remodel, the first thing they want to know, is how much will it cost. Then they want to know how long it will take, which translates to how much of a hassle will this be on our family? Both are great questions, and here is a way to cut both down as much as possible, before you even ask!

#1 – Know What You Want

Sure, this sounds simple enough, but by having planned out exactly what you want, all the way down to the backsplash tiles, will make it easier for your bathroom remodeling contractor to bid on the job and produce results that will thrill you.  If you are needing a paint color change, having samples handy when your contractor comes out to bid will make a difference too.

#2 – Understand the type of estimate you are getting

There are two basic types of estimates, each with its own pros and cons. Fixed Price and Time & Materials.

A Fixed Price estimate will scope out a job and a set price for completing that job. Any deviation from the scope would require a change order, especially if a price difference is involved.

Time & Materials project is also based on a Scope of Work, but is billed based on hourly work. If you opt for a T&M project, be sure to include a “Not To Exceed” clause or number of hours limited.

#3 – Check Out Contractor

Don’t be quick to jump to hire the cheapest contractor based on price, make sure you call and check out their license & insurance. Your potential contractor should provide you with a copy of their license & insurance to include General Liability & worker’s compensation.

In addition to licensing, make sure you check out their standing with the local BBB and ensure they have no outstanding complaints.

When to Call a Handyman

Actually, in this case, you wouldn’t call a handyman, but rather a licensed contractor (fortunately, we are both!)  Legally in Pinellas, Hillsborough & Pasco counties there is no such thing as a licensed handyman, they must be either licensed occupationally or as a Licensed State Contractor. Remodels generally require licensing and certification and may require permitting by your city or township. This is not the type of project you would kick over to your trusty neighborhood handyman, unless that company is a licensed contractor.

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