4 Master Bathroom Remodel Must Haves

4 Master Bathroom Remodel Must Haves

Nothing starts your day off better then getting ready for the day in a beautifully designed master bathroom that wraps you in luxury. A perfectly designed master bathroom will have all your daily within easy reach and your pampering items conveniently stored. When planning out your upcoming remodel add these four features to your must-have list.

Ceramic Tile Shower

master-ceramic-shower Multi Head Shower

master-dual-shower-headsTwo Sinks

master-dual-vanity-sinksSeparate Toilet Room

master-seperate-toilet (1)

When to Call a Handyman

Well, when it comes to remodels, you wouldn’t necessarily call a handyman to complete the job, but rather a licensed general contractor. (Fortunately, we are both!) A licensed general contractor will carry the appropriate insurance and can pull the necessary permits and get the inspections to ensure your job is completed correctly. At Handyman For All, we have the design and construction expertise to complete your job from idea to completion.

At Handymen For All, we’ll complete your honey do, when your honey didn’t…. including getting your dream must haves done!

Our Motto: "We'll complete your honey do -- when your honey didn't!"

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