Spring is Near! Tips from Handyman Contractor

Spring is Near!  Tips from Handyman Contractor

handyman contractorSpring is almost here, and that means “winter-itus” for many of us!  As we tire of the cold weather, and yearn for the mild-weather to warm us, it may be wise to start planning what to do with all that mild weather.  We are about to embark on a Spring Cleaning series to get you well-prepared for the great season about to come, so kick-back and let’s get into the mind of a handyman contractor.

Stay Safe and Purge

Before embarking on any major project, it’s always best to take an inventory of the environment.  And for Spring Cleaning, that may just as well include the whole property!  What we are looking for today, is anything that could be considered hazardeous.

Hazardeous materials need to be stored and disposed of properly.  Now this may sound scary, and rightefully so!  Hazardeous materials account for a large number of municipal fire calls.  I myself, have lived next door to a home that caught fire due to improperly stored household paint.  There is nothing worse then being awaken at 4am to a blazing fire outside your bedroom window… unless it’s your own home!

If you live in Pinellas County Florida, do not dispose of hazardous waste with your household trash!  The county provides a safe method to dispose of your hazardous waste.

The county will help you with the following hazardous items:

  • Hazardous electronics include TVs, monitors, laptops, power supplies, CPUs, cell phones and other devices with rechargeable batteries.
  • Hazardous chemicals include paint, automotive fluids, rechargeable batteries, cleaners, fertilizers, pesticides, pool chemicals, smoke detectors, fluorescent, compact fluorescent and LED bulbs.

To view the entire list visit the Solid Waste Website.

Pinellas County will not come and remove the hazardous waste from your home.  You will need to bring it to their designated drop off location:  2855 109th Ave. N., St. Petersburg

When to Call a Handyman

If you have items in your attic, or in high places that need to be taken down, our handyman contractors will be more the glad to help you out.

At Handymen For All, we’ll complete your honey do, when your honey didn’t…. including keeping the junk out of the garage!

Our Motto: "We'll complete your honey do -- when your honey didn't!"

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