Handymen for All Tips – Bathroom

Handymen for All Tips – Bathroom

A bathroom remodel not only makes your home more desirable but also has a fairly high return on investment. Many people like their bathrooms to have a luxurious quality that is spacious, bright and feels open. The shower is the most often used utility for bathing; so choosing the right shower for a bathroom remodel is vital as it can add or detract from the overall result.

Homeowners should take their time considering the best shower remodel options for their needs. There are three main varieties of showers — fiberglass, glass and tile. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on your home and lifestyle. I will cover the two most common in this article, Glass and Tile.


Glass showers, often combined with other materials, make a shower space feel more open and bright. They can made to look luxurious and add a spa-like quality to a bathroom. Homeowners can customize glass shower doors and enclosures to their needs and get creative with shower shapes, sizes and construction. We recommend hiring a professional shower door installer to ensure a great result.

Remember that glass tends to be prone to soap scum build up. Cleaning glass showers may take extra diligence or different cleaning products to keep the glass looking as clean and clear as the day it was installed.


Tile showers open the door to creativity and make for beautiful bathrooms. Tile is customizable to any decor or shape. It comes in a multitude of shapes, sizes, colors and materials, and can bring depth and luxury to any room.

The downside for Tile is that it is difficult to install expertly and could take the inexperienced homeowner a lot of time to try to get it right. Grout attracts mildew and mold and can be difficult to keep clean. If your tile job isn’t installed and sealed properly, water damage will certainly ruin the tile and the walls behind the tile.

The recommended way for installing ceramic tile is to hire professional tile installers to get the beautiful style and appearance that tile brings to a bathroom.

Choosing the right material for a bathroom remodel really depends on taste and budget. Take your time to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option before remodeling.

Handymen for All Can Do It for You

If you like the idea of remodeling your bathroom but lack the time or know-how to do the work yourself, Handymen for All can take on the improvements, along with the finer finishing touches you’ll love for your bathroom.

We are your very reliable and fully licensed one-stop professionals for all your home and business repair and remodeling needs. Contact us today to schedule a handyman for your smaller jobs by calling 727-489-5900 or book an appointment with our estimator for your larger needs.

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