Handymen for All Tips – What Not to Do

Handymen for All Tips – What Not to Do

There are endless potential remodeling pitfalls. Knowing what not to do when you decide to remodel any part of your home will ensure you make the most of your time and hard-earned money. To help you on your remodeling adventure, we’ve put together a list of four expensive and very common mistakes.

  1. Not looking before you leap:

You should develop a good plan, price it correctly, and then stick to it. If you think through your project and you know what you want to achieve, that’s half the battle.

When you are developing a design and plan, be ready to revise it as many as three or four times. By the end of the revision process, you should have a project that is well put together, addresses perceivable potential pitfalls, and will accommodate the unforeseen events that are inevitable in a remodel.

  1. Not interviewing several contactors:

Take your time. Get several bids. Check each contractor’s references, and check with your local Better Business Bureau to see if the contractor has ever been reported as being unethical. Make sure insurance coverage is in place. Every contractor should have business liability insurance, and every subcontractor working for that contractor should be covered under workers’ compensation insurance.

  1. Not creating a realistic budget:

By a “realistic budget” is meant a budget that permits for some wiggle room. To be safe, calculate your budget accurately, then increase it by 20%. Make that your budget. The 20% cushion will cover unforeseen events such as when the demolition of a wall reveals rot in your load-bearing studs, or when it becomes clear that an entire wall needs rewiring.

  1. Overpaying for building materials:

There are many ways to trim your materials costs. If you’re not pressured for time, it pays to look for the materials you need at garage sales, estate sales, moving sales, flea markets, etc. You can get materials from salvage stores, friends, and business associates. And it doesn’t have to look cobbled together. If your contractor is competent, the finished product will look every bit as good as if you had bought brand-new materials.

Handymen for All Can Do It for You

If you like the idea of remodeling some part of your home but lack the time or know-how to do the work yourself, Handymen for All can take on the improvements, along with the finer finishing touches you’ll love for your home.

We are your very reliable and fully licensed one-stop professionals for all your home and business repair and remodeling needs. Contact us today to schedule a handyman for your smaller jobs by calling 727-489-5900 or book an appointment with our estimator for your larger needs.

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