Lumber Liquidators | In the News

Lumber Liquidators | In the News

You may have recently watched, or heard about, the 60 minutes story involving Lumber Liquidators.


The expose accuses the publicly traded company of using up to 20 times the allowed amount of Formaldehyde in its products, as allowed by California law, which has the strictest laws concerning the use of this chemical. Formaldehyde is known to cause cancer and other skin breathing ailments (including asthma).

We are saddened by this news for all homeowners who may have this product installed where they feel the safest – at home. This is especially horrible news for those who are prone to lower immune systems, like children and seniors. Especially children who crawl on these floors, as this chemical is colorless and odorless – a caregiver’s worst nightmare. This smells of the lead poisoning fatalities that ushered an industry overhaul in the 70’s and prompted the creation of the EPA. Looks like their work isn’t quite yet done.

If you are concerned about your own flooring, please contact us for a quote to remove and install a better product of your choice.

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