Nothing Says Spring Fresh like a New Coat of Paint

Nothing Says Spring Fresh like a New Coat of Paint

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There’s nothing I can’t think of that says spring cleaning like a fresh coat of paint. So, for this second Pre-Spring Cleaning installment, let’s get your creative juices flowing for updating the look of your home.

Design like a Master

Perhaps the most intimidating job of painting the home, is choosing a paint color. I’ve heard some people would rather get a root canal, then choose a new color of paint. In many cases, a new color is not needed at all, sometimes just adding a fresh coat of paint over the existing color will create the “newness” spring affords.

However, if a new color is in order, now is a great time to start preparing for your painting project. Many paint stores sells paint in sample sizes. This makes it convenient when you aren’t sure about how a color will appear in a room in various lighting conditions. You can get several colors, and paint the swatches in different areas of the room. This way, you can visit with the colors before committing to a whole room… or whole house of a color you don’t like. Just remember to put in pencil, under the swatch, which color it is!

Once you settle on a color, which could take you a couple of weeks to a month, then you are ready to embark on your painting project!

One other pre-Spring Cleaning task you can partake on, that will make the painting project run smoother, is to take some time to clean all the baseboards. Use a damp cloth and water/bleach solution. This will ensure any greasy buildup is easily removed, and the painter’s tape will adhere well.

When to Call a Handyman

After you have chosen your paint colors, a handyman this is also a skilled painting contractor can help purchase the paint and transport it to your home, as well as do the painting that is needed!

At Handymen For All, we’ll complete your honey do, when your honey didn’t…. including hauling your paint around town!

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